I attended my first yoga class in 1998. Since then, the practice has accompanied me. Yoga brought healing, strength, focus and creativity to me, which was so helpful, as at the time, I was a busy Event Manager. During this time I travelled a lot especially in Asia and India. I got to practice surrounded by different cultures and teachers, enriching my practice and igniting my interest in philosophy, anatomy and meditation. In India I met one of my beloved teachers Rolf Naujokat. I started to dive deep into the Tradition of Ashtanga Yoga. My journey started, nowadays my daily main practice is still Ashtanga yoga, Meditation and yin-Yoga and this is the source of inspiration for my teaching. I also have years of experience in pilates. Breath, focus, move, folding and unfolding the mind and body diligently.


The practice, for me, invites us to be present, focus, consciously breathing. It leads us to be and stay humble and compassionate, learning every day to live fully, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant the experiences become. It is important for me as a practitioner and teacher to keep the practice safe, finding healthy alignment in synchronicity with breathing, finding the strength from a place within us rather than from using force. I also like to include mantras into the classes, as I believe it helps to hold the space for the practice.


I teach from my heart and own experience!

Classes are in Englisch, French, German, Swiss-German or ani metaberett ktzat Ivrit.




  • 1998 200h Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Purple-Valley Yoga India
  • 2004 Founding Yogastudio in Switzerland "balance"
  • 2000 - 2009 Annual Practice Ashtanga Yoga with Rolf Naujokat, Gabi Pascoli India/Thailand
  • 2007 3 Weeks study and travel to Rishikes/India at Kumbha-Mela 
  • 2007- 2008 Pilates Polestar Mat Education, Spirit Studio Basel/Switzerland
  • 2013 – 2016 300h Yoga Alliance Advanced Teacher Training Seniorteacher Stephen Thomas AirYoga Zürich/Switzerland
  • 2008  Pranayama Week & Study with O.P. Tiwari, India
  • 2016 - 2020 Practice with Gabriele Meder Ashtanga Yoga Basel/Switzerland
  • 2020  3 Weeks Yogaretreat Petri Räisanen Indien/Goa
  • 2022 Practice with Petri Räisanen Purple Valley Tenerife
  • 2023 One Month India Travel & Mysore Style