ashtanga inspired flow

Flow between postures, synchronising breathing and movement. The practice becomes a meditation in movement, and this can be internalised and use in daily life. Depending on the focus of the class, inspired from the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition,  you will get to experience different  asanas and their benefits. 


Yin- & Restorative 

Relax the body and nourish the mind. Slow Yin Yoga elements and supported Restorative Yoga poses help us to release tension on all levels. Give yourself a gift. Let go and refresh so that you can enjoy with a sense of calm and joy.  



corporate and private classes

Classes are customised to suit the participants needs and will include a sequence of postures, breathing techniques and relaxation. This can vary from slow and meditative practices to help restore and relax, or energising and active ones to invigorate and revitalise. Regular yoga will minimise health problems associated with daily life stress and postural misalignments.